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&Nbsp;    Guangzhou alone the moving company was established in  1990  in January, Guangzhou Transport Council and Commerce and industry registered the establishment of an independent legal personality of professional transport companies. After years of unremitting efforts, the pioneering development, has now become a larger professional moving companies in Guangzhou. Is a professional moving in Guangzhou, Guangzhou moving company, moving company provides customers with Guangzhou phone, moving company prices in Guangzhou, Guangzhou factory relocation, our company in Guangzhou, Guangzhou long distance moves, including long distance moving company in Guangzhou, Guangzhou moving company which is better, the moving company, moving.   An existing   over more than 700, with various types of transport vehicles, machinery and equipment  35  sets. Guangzhou alone moving to residents, businesses, offices, factories, office buildings and relocation of the Institute for Foundation, to provide customers with a "service satisfaction  ,  quality  ,  removal of mind" quality relocation service system. In order to meet different customer needs, the company also undertakes individual moves, air conditioning in professional disassembly, specialized dismantling furniture, specializing in moving the piano. Provides industrial factory relocation, business logistics, transport, equipment shifting lifting small pieces, and packaging to our customers sort, rental boxes, assembling and disassembling furniture, air conditioning and other ancillary services, true move alone.  

      "alone" move "    company has a group of young, professional staff, and has many years of rich experience in moving. Have to undergo a rigorous professional training, mastering skills such as packaging, removal of the goods. "Do not seek public and private interests, but for the best quality" is our service philosophy, "customer first, service first" is our commitment to the community.  

"alone" move "  since the company was established, the majority of customer support, increasing performance, establish a good image. Guangzhou alone moved the company successively has been awarded "Advanced civilized unit of Guangzhou Municipality"  ,  and referred to as contracts and keep promise in enterprises.

      "move alone" another feature of the service is to the relocation of a large number of professional talents for the industrial and mining enterprises, stationed at fixed handling of services provided for them and save worry about the management of labour resources.  

     currently, "alone" except original of for moved housing and supporting of furniture, and air conditioning disassembly outside, also in market Shang launched a new of service mode, is established a by Guangzhou laid off workers composition of moved "detachment", for customer for relocation Qian of Pack packaging work and the relocation Hou of placed finishing work, whole relocation process, customer completely without "moving brain", and more without "hands-on"! To facilitate the promotion of this premium service, moving alone "or vehicle exterior and interior is leak-proof and earthquake reconstruction, move a launch of this new concept, received positive response from the market.  I believe that in the near future, will gradually take the place of a single traditional ways of moving.  

"alone" how fast pace of development in the "own" people's beliefs, they still have to strictly adhere to the purposes, is to own price to each customer, "six-Star" quality service. &Nbsp;    credibility first, to serve the public, enthusiasm for the initiative,

     efficient   charges are reasonable and not arbitrary price,  

     neatly dressed, polite and civilized service quality,  

     responsible, sincere cooperation and common development.

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