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1. the famous State-owned enterprises: China Telecom Guangdong electronic appliance company, China Mobile moving company in Guangzhou, the Guangdong Power group, Zhujiang power plant, Panyu, Guangdong Development Bank, Bank, Bank branch Guangzhou road, poly group, East Park,  

2. Star private enterprise: new (International) Group of instant noodle factory in Guangzhou, GOME, Dr LO Wing-Lok appliances, Watson (Guangzhou), PARKnSHOP supermarket chain, Aoyuan group, Qi Fu Group, huajing,  

3. multinational companies: Coca Cola, Panasonic electric motor, Guangzhou Honda, Sony Electronics, Mitsubishi,NIKE,ADIAS,LG  electronic  

4. school: University City University has cooperative relations (Guangdong University of foreign studies, South China Normal University, South China University of technology), vocational and technical college of Guangzhou Tianhe, Guangzhou Technical College of agriculture

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