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Guangzhou before moving someone to the difficulties

Public discipline you want to move, looking for mass moving company for help, the answer is: order is full, tied up the staff. If you want to wait, for another two or three days. Mr JI had been chosen "lucky day", where Ken decided to find another, put in four or five call to find a small moving company.   

this reporter has learned, near the Chinese new year, Guangzhou Customs to be moved into the new House before the lunar new year, more recently moved to a new House, the moving company businesses is also getting better and better, has received more orders than usual in recent 1/3. But due to time and personnel constraints, the moving company had to take the form of appointment, or to refuse orders, to ensure quality of service, so the event-a move.   

people worry that moved the market shortage situation will cause price increases? Popular moving company are told reporters, as Guangzhou in recent months moved the fierce market competition, the price war is even more intense, so the price does not rise, even moving manpower shortage situation before the Spring Festival, it is difficult to pull the price increases.   


faced with this situation, why moving company moving costs is not increased, improving workers ' wages? Ants moving company's Manager, said: due to fierce competition in the moving industry in Guangzhou, and some means of price competition, disturbed the normal market order, so raising prices will only lead to the loss of customers, so that greater losses, only charges to maintain their operations.   

in this regard, the domestic industry insiders said, I hope the Government can enhance the move access standards, develop industry standard prices, regulate the moving industry, and avoid vicious competition.


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