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Company relocation to employee care

&Nbsp;   with the company's strategic development, the company continued to expand, and adapt to, the company's staff will continue to increase. Various causes of the company's Office-station area is not enough, room tension and bring a lot of inconvenience to the daily. Through the expansion of existing office space or looking for bigger Office calls for long. &Nbsp;

move, not just the duties of the Executive Branch, for the HR Department and the company's managers, each responsible.  

each time you move   mean for HR departments have responsibility and challenge--need to be concerned about the impact of change on employees of the company changes. All of the company's managers led by the HR Department, employee relations, will move to bring the various unfavourable factors to the minimum, quickly threw himself into his work.  

from the moment decided to move house, and administrative personnel department colleagues began a long, find office space, companies doing renderings with the renovation, purchase of office furniture, as busy as a bee. Although they have done a lot of work, employee complaints are heard: moving our items to be found; how to select sites, commute too inconvenient; around the companies don't even have a decent restaurant; decoration is so big the company, will be detrimental to health ... ...  

How can you maximize employee satisfaction? How to minimize adverse factors of moving? How to reduce staff turnover due to company? These are left for the HR challenges.  

Manager: insight into employees ' reactions to move  

the company moved, the original is a good thing, but this process, your employees may have grievances, such as after the move was always late for work, leaving early from work, motivation to work, chatting, smoking and more time on the job, and so on, eye managers insight into all employees, identify problems, make your employees happy work!  

have just moved to a new "home" as a Manager you may have new environment much better than before, and have their own separate office area. But this time you should practice "management by walking around", into the middle of your employees, observing their work.  

see if your employees have the following acts may be moving these adverse effects:  

ever punctual employee, suddenly started a late-if only at first days have such a response, you don't have to worry about may be just moved to a new location, he (she) also did not have a good commute time, the best route. Don't put too much pressure on your employees, don't pick up things for him (her) some time to adapt to the new route. Certainly at the Department meeting gently insinuating that, remember not the roll.  

If you move to a new duty station for nearly a month, and your employees still have the phenomenon of late, but also more serious, then you need to be aware that he (she) is in the negative resistance? Find a sunny afternoon and asked him (her) to the coffee shop and sit, try to avoid working with his talk, Deputy Dawg, you know about his latest idea, may be of help to you.  

listen to your employees, have complained about the environment, staff thought the Sun too, such as window eyes can't see the computer screen, rather than the employees complained that the air is close by the window--it must have been for new environment-station arrangement unreasonable complaints. This is the most prone to problems after moving.  

before they moved, managers should get Office floor plan from the HR Department, learned after the location of the sector, will open a sector, to show the employee plans. Divide their respective Team's area, then your staff the power to let his (her) are able to choose his own workstation. Really difficult to assign the station encountered, you may as well to a "Lottery". In addition, take care of older workers, women workers, particularly female employees in pregnancy or lactation, so that he (she) preferred seating, embodies company humanistic care.  

When you find your employee engagement is higher than before, has more time for personal work, ask for attention, specifically what to look at. Lunch to go with employees, "not talking about national affairs", relax and enjoy lunch, listen to your staff the recent focus on what topics, learn why. Open a Department complaining is a good choice, behind closed doors, to allow employees to complain about any lack of new Office environment, vent emotions are stronger than stuffy in the heart. Don't miss the "suggestion", the HR person with useful things, praise praise once they are adopted, and increase employee pride.  

employee care-e  

company relocation, new environment, new look. Employee dissatisfaction in the past let it stay in once piece of memory, restart, managers and the human resources department, launched the "employee care story"!  

go back to the General staff   on the road to and from work;

the company moved to a new home, everything seems strange. When the managers of people still drove his car through the streets, looking for which route is the best route to work, to escape the congestion of morning and evening peak-time, did you think, your employees might be chasing the bus, because he didn't want to be late and had to be pushed as a photo? Maybe for the convenience of employees, fixed point bus, do you think, some employees have had to get up two or three hours, solve their own breakfast in the shuttle, even sleep in a "back to sleep"?  

in the early move, employees on transportation to and from work after moving the emotions may be running high, this mood to the work in the past, will affect the piece. In particular, employees who like to whine, no cough, when he said that when listening to other colleagues, and this negative sentiment will affect other employees, employees of the Department as a whole are in a bad mood.  

employees commuting distance and time spend on the road longer, less their rest time, what should I do? Managers may wish to move within one month earlier, employees to go back to the normal way of work, try a taste of crowded buses, subway. Maybe the taste was not good, but you have to think, your employees have to commute every day. On the way, might as well Deputy Dawg with employees, looking for commute "Newland"-where there is a nice restaurant, where karaoke for colleagues ... ...  

through your Department after the road to each and every employee's work, I believe that as a Manager you feel unusual, personal understanding of your employees to work hard. At the sectoral meeting, the Manager may share your feelings with your employees, these might be a lap down, you can help employees find commute partners too!  

painted around a company's "wave"  

If you have seen posted on the station's map, map of what map, fitness stuff, it must be carefully collected by staff who love life "map", intended to enjoy food with friends, then went looking for the right place.  

a familiar place to work around food, entertainment, CCP has let the staff know. However after I move employees how long will it take to hunt for it? If HR departments can participate, within a radius of three kilometers around the company's food, fitness, shopping malls and stores all collected in, and then draw out a company's own "map" to employees, I believe they will love it.  

HR don't think this thing will cost his life, staff Club, like search store employee to join your team and ask them for help, separately seized the Fort. If your employees a lot, even with those dining entertainment boss negotiate discounts, door cards badge for future holding employees will receive lower discounts.  

"wave" just came in to draw the surrounding food, entertainment, and more importantly joined the staff of the original reviews. HR is not a mighty army of search shop yet? Everyone went to the shop to add one or two reviews of themselves, such a complete guide to their employees.  

League building in what language a flower  

the company moved to a new home, place began a hectic work of various departments, employees at this point whether there is any resistance? Although executives have personally realized the employees to work hard, while the employee is on their hands had been carefully prepared for them by the HR Department of "wave-wave image", but they also have a variety of grievances.  

well, to build it! Don't think the League is welcome dinner or karaoke, relax to the great outdoors for a walk. At this time should reflect the company's concern for employees, enhance the cohesion of the organization.  

If you of new Office enough big, even has has himself of independent Office, let employees with Shang they of family, with to company visit, experience company of new environment, taste a taste employees canteen of delicious dining, in floor Qian of lawn Shang let everyone enjoy to played one football, or make some tug-of-war, participation sex very high of fun games, are is good of select.  

move, before the company of old furniture, such as a conference room table, chairs, and bookcases, such as how to deal with? Employees also have a lot of throwing a pity, not throw the covers of "scrap". Organize a fun auction, are drying out things you don't need, CEO to personally put on your apron picked up the hammer to preside over the auction. Higher than the actual value of that part of the money, can be used as a school and other public welfare activities, birds.  

in time for spring and autumn weather, and go out to take a walk in nature, organizational orienteering, outdoor is a good choice.  

in addition, the dedicated staff for outdoor, orienteering, targeted solution to the problems encountered in the work, such as teamwork is not strong, low efficiency and execution is declining, through the experience of training to allow employees to relax and get back to work efficiently, the feeling of a happy life!  

reduce employee turnover, not just a little moving managers and HR must face. Open the employee satisfaction survey questionnaire data in the past, analyze what are the main causes of staff turnover in the past. To formulate a more detailed programme of employee care, extraordinary significance.  

small uniform to help employees pay their phone bills, utilities, replacing the troubled bank, large category of EAP counseling, tutoring, pressure to release it, HR departments can think of the employees want, greatly improving employee satisfaction, thereby reducing employee turnover.  

don't always think "money will motivate all", enhance the sense of belonging is the best way to take "mental well-being", staff care by non-monetary incentives through to the end, to reduce staff turnover, increase employee satisfaction, HR job be easier.  

managers and HR needs to be long, just to "move" do some things for the stunt with great fanfare, then quietly, meaning less!


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