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Moving companies to wait 5 hours without result

&Nbsp;    We've been here waiting for 5 hours, delayed for so long, our trip cost and delay compensation should be determined by who is going to pay? Yesterday afternoon, xingshun moving company of Master Lu complained to reporters, he in Mong Kok for the community when tenants move which was blocked by the Mong Kok residential property, tenant angrily turned away in the fight, leaving a helpless Master Lu.     

     this morning, guest Laura (not her real name) called to our moving company asked for its removal. After talking about good prices, we agreed 11 o'clock to Mong Kok District, we help our customers moving things on board, residential property management personnel guarding the door will not let us go. From 11 to 5 hours now, when do we have to wait. Lu said.    

     yesterday at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, reporters came to Xian Xiao Nan men near Mong Kok District, see to move Lu master and other moving personnel are still stuck in the community. According to Laura introduced on March 2, she represented company/f, Mong Kok garden owners signed a rental contract, and daily supplies to move into the same day. Later on in the delivery room problems, the two sides could not agree, landlords are reluctant to rent to them, and they decided to look for another place.    

     calling our landlord let us move this morning, when we find moving companies, said the landlord of the property do not agree that we should leave. Laura says, because the landlord refused to come forward, drag until now.    

     Wang Yuan of property management services staff, Zhou told reporters: we have to get the landlord's consent to moving companies take things away, and now the landlord said they did not have to pay rent these days, different sign intended to pass, we follow the rules, to ensure property owners, temporarily unable to let them go.    

     at a press conference during the interview, Laura staff repeatedly call the landlord and property management company phone when staff finally got through to the landlord of the property after a phone call, Laura and her colleagues were unwilling to accept mediation angrily away. Master Lu threw at once: "waiting for 5 hours, delaying work, originally agreed by 320 Yuan moving expenses paid by whom? "Afterward, the reporter learned that these items of property company temporary custody of Laura company, moving expenses has become a headache for ranglv master one thing.

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