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Business relocation site was prohibited in Guangzhou City real estate

&Nbsp;    urban relocation of companies   the site prohibited real estate

Executive meeting of the municipal government through the industrial "two-withdrawal and three" views, 279 companies will be relocated or shut down before 2015

Washington   (reporter Fang Yi min intern Guo Gaoping correspondent Chen Weiqiu) yesterday afternoon, hosted by Zhang guangning, Mayor of Guangzhou Municipal Government Executive meeting on urban industry in Guangzhou was discussed and approved in principle the "two-withdrawal and three" implementation of, the Protocol to speed up the city's State-owned enterprises "two-withdrawal and three" working implementation (hereinafter referred to as two of the opinion).  

it is reported that 279 industrial enterprises and dangerous chemical enterprises will be relocated or shut down before 2015, the site will prevent development projects.

free urban space development of the third industry

Zhang guangning said that implementation of the urban industries "two-withdrawal and three" is the city's push "transfer" strategy, optimizing urban spatial structure and industrial distribution of major initiatives is to improve the urban environment, the implementation of "green hills green, clear water and blue sky" important part of the project. To further speed up the "two-withdrawal and three" pace, freeing up space to develop the tertiary industry.

according to two of the opinions of the Guangzhou respectively by 2010 and 2015 years ago 279 industrial enterprises and the partial relocation or closure of hazardous chemicals enterprises. It is understood that, according to the Guangzhou City industry "two-withdrawal and three" scopes and standards, Guangzhou carries out a "retreat II," a total of 279 families, planned two batches respectively in 2010 and 2015 years ago relocated or shut down. First batch of enterprises a total of 119 (including repeat 6), in which environmental protection and relocation of enterprises 77 (3 large key State enterprises, municipal State-owned and State-holding enterprises 50, belongs to the Enterprise 9, 15 other enterprises), Freeway of hazardous chemicals enterprises within 48. The second group of companies a total of 160, including environmental protection and relocation of enterprises 101 (3 large key State enterprises, municipal State-owned and State-holding enterprises 48, 29 belonged to enterprises, other enterprises 21), 59 Freeway outside of hazardous chemicals enterprises.

environmental protection and relocation of enterprises located in industrial park

reportedly, Guangzhou has in zengcheng, and conghua, and flowers, and Nansha, and Panyu and, Baiyun district, Bell fell Tan town, to, selected has Guangzhou East car industry base (zengcheng city town), and zengcheng at Pebble Beach industrial base, and conghua economic and technological development zone (Tai), and Guangzhou petrochemical industry base (Nansha Wan Qing sand town), and Panyu modern industry Park (shilou town), 11 a undertake environmental relocation enterprise of industry agglomeration base, by enterprise law according to rules location, again "home".

after the relocation of companies, in-situ disposal of the land? According to two of the opinions to redevelop the land should, in principle, into the Government reserve land; in line with the master plan for urban development, land use planning under the premise, approved by the relevant authority, the site could also be used in other than real estate development of tertiary industry, but may not change the original land area of land use, ownership and expansion.

for the implementation of "retreat II," State-owned enterprises, encouraging enterprises to use site creative industry Park, the land and building, industrial design, interior design, advertising design, product design, environmental design, fashion and art, products, warehousing, logistics and other services.

Zhang guangning said that in recent years, Guangzhou with a focus on environmental regulation of polluters, and vigorously promote the urban industries "two-withdrawal and three" work over more than 140 industrial enterprises have been moved out of the urban area. He stressed that speed up the relocation of companies is not pollution, but through more advanced production technology for the upgrading of enterprises, encouraging enterprises to walk the new industrialization road of sustainable development, and make space for urban sustainable development, effective solution to the environmental pollution problems in cities.


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